Two Ops for Culottes

It's been several weeks since I've posted,
and it feels good to be back with a new outfit post finally!
Since the last time I was here,  I have been in a wedding planning world.
Let me tell you, as fun as it, is it overwhelming!

Will and I have set a date, and are well on our way to our best day ever. (Yay!)
I honestly didn't know if I was ever going to be able to make time for my blog within the next year.
My daytime job is surrounded by clothes and fashion, and as much as I love it, I also have been finding myself a little uninspired and burnt out from my own personal style until recently.
The last thing I've been wanting to do is get dressed and take pictures.
But Fall is on the horizon, and it has me feeling excited about getting dressed again.
Not to mention the buzz of NY fashion week.
  I can't wait to pile on the layers and bundle up with hats and scarves.

On the search for a perfect tailgating outfit for the first Arkansas football game, I stumbled upon this cute strapless culotte romper from Beehive.  I have been all about culottes lately.  Although to some they may have somewhat of a "grandma" reputation, they really are ways to make they fresh, cool and young.  Just to show y'all that culottes really are cool, I styled my romper two ways for you.  Look one, I wore to work yesterday and then swapped the look out for a casual dinner date night. 

Look One 

 Look Two

Oh, and here is how I wore it to the football game. (Insert the Woo Pig Sooie!)

(Pre-hair cut)

If you live in or visit the Little Rock or Austin area, be sure to visit Beehive!  
They have an awesome selection of trendy and affordable duds for your fall wardrobe.
You can also shop them via Facebook and Instagram, too.
You can also search the hashtag #beehivebabes for more style inspiration! 

Dreamy Jumpsuit, Dreamier Sights

Exploring downtown Savannah was like stepping back in time.
  This town is oozing with history...cobble stone streets (no heel zone), historic staircases, and gigantic moss covered trees that have been with our country from our founding years. 
 We spent two of our days walking around the historic district.  Will is usually the one to take the pictures and I hardly get to use my DSLR, so it was fun to play photographer for a couple of days. 
 I'm sure I looked like the dorkiest of tourists, but it was so fun and I definitely rekindled my love of snapping pictures.

On our last day, I wore this haltered jumpsuit from Maude.  
When I saw this on Maude's instagram, I knew I had to have it.  It was high-waist, low-back, and had a wide leg.  Those are three things that are hard for me to turn down.  When I bought the jumpsuit, I knew that this trip would be the perfect time to where it.  We woke up that last morning knowing we were about to be walking downtown in the heat, then getting in the car for a 10 hour car comfort was the first thing on my mind....and this romper did the job!  It was the perfect balance of cute, cool, and comfortable.  So perfect for travel!

Here are some of the pictures I snapped with my camera....

Jumpsuit: Maude Boutique
Necklace: Maude Boutique
Sunglasses: Forever 21

Beachin' it

Tybee Island is named Savannah's beach.  It is a small island about 20 miles from the downtown area.  It was my first time on an Atlantic coast beach and I was super impressed with how beautiful it was!  It definitely had more of an island/tropical feel than expected. 
It was Will and I's first time at a beach together, and we were both super excited to get our feet in the sand and listen to the sound of the ocean waves.
We went on our first day in Savannah.  It's so funny looking back and thinking about this day, because little did I know,  I would be getting engaged 24 hours later.  Hah!

The beach was super wide and had plenty of space for everyone.  There were people playing bag-o and the sand was so smooth, there were even people riding beach cruisers on the sand. 
 First time I've ever seen that!

Everything about it was charming.

Hat: Wal-Mart 

Shoes: CAT Footwear

Handbag: Gigi New York

Sunglasses: Beehive Boutique

{Savannah Iphone Snaps}

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