These pics were just from my boyfriend, Will and I playing around with his new camera {which I am extremely jealous of:)}.  When we left his house, it was raining but we had planned on making this outing with the camera, so we decided to drive around and explore Memphis a little until the rain stopped.  Just as it cleared up,  we just happened to turn down this street with a huge graffitied wall {so much graffiti in M-town}.  Thankful Will has an artistic side, because we had so much fun taking these pictures.  Looks like we found ourselves another little hobby together;)

vintage, hunter boots, rain, flannel, graphic tee, denim cut offs

My style definitely changes with my mood.  Clearly, I was channeling some 90's grunge for the dreary day.

hunter boots, rain

{PLAID SHIRT}Vintage. Free Bird Vintage (Fayetteville, AR). {GRAPHIC TEE} Maude {SHORTS}Vintage. Vintage Violet.

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