This was my first visit to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.
 I can't believe I had not been before now, considering museums + art are two of my favorite things.  I have made plans to go a few times and they have always fallen through for some reason or another.   
It is an incredibly beautiful and inspiring place.  I can't believe such a treasure is tucked away in the woods of a small Arkansas town, like Bentonville.


My mom and I specifically came to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit.  Norman Rockwell will forever remind us of my Papaw.  Rockwell was his favorite artist.  My Nana and Papaw had NR illustrated plates all around their house, nestled on shelves and hung above cabinets.  

It was truly wonderful to see the work of one of the greatest American artists in person.  Whether humorous or serious, his paintings are full of life and entertainment.
   If you are in the NWA area, I highly suggest going to see this exhibit.  It ends May 27th.

This is one of those dresses I was so glad I bought.  I love it because have worn it to special events and to impromptu outings, like this one.  It is easily dressed up or down.  That's what is so great about a good maxi dress.  They are completly effortless, but still look so chic.


Happy Thursday!

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