Hey there pretty ladies!  How is everyone?  I have been so busy with settling into Little Rock and my new job...which, by the way, is going great. It is all a little overwhelming right now, but that was to be expected in the beginning.  I have officially begun week two and its already crazy how much I have learned in such short time period.  Hopefully, it will all be second nature soon. 

 On another note, if anyone has any advice on Little Rock..where to dine, shop, visit, I would love to hear your suggestions via comment or email! 
{TOP} Trunk Ltd., Purchase at Kitson Here//{SKIRT} F21//{SHOES+SUNNIES} Maude Boutique//{PURSE} Rebecca Minkoff//{NECKLACES} Vintage

Who wouldn't want a long muscle tee with Kurt Cobain and a Kitten on it?

That's right, no one.

Wishing you a fabulous day,


{TOP+PANTS} F21//{SHOES} Saffron Heel, Seychelles via Maude Boutique//{BAG+SUNNIES} Maude Boutique
A day visit to Hot Springs with my love + Miss Bella Jock Jones--{aka} the best pup in the world:)


I snagged this dress at Maude about a week ago.  I'm totally in love with this symmetrical kaleidoscope print. {which has been oh so trendy this season}  Floral prints are nothing new when it comes to Spring trends, however the symmetric, graphic inspired designs give the floral print new life.  
Groovy, huh?  Just like looking through a kaleidoscope...;) 
{Which I have not done in approximately 13 years.}
This neckline is also something that gravitated me to the dress.  Its sporty, fresh, and totally flattering. 

{DRESS}Available now at Maude Boutique// {SHOES} Saffron Heel, Seychelles// {BAG+SUNNIES} Maude Boutique//{PHOTO CRED} William Wilson

Shop the Kaleidoscope trend here!


Single Mirror

Happy Tuesday!


 Hey ladies! Did everyone have a great weekend?  I hope so!  I spent the weekend in El Dorado, visiting with my BF's family.  It was such a nice getaway.  It's been great having a little break between leaving Fayetteville and starting my new job, but I have to admit, I am so ready for my first day at Dillard's.  
I am anxious to begin this start to my career, and honestly, I am not good with this whole not working thing.  I need to get back in a schedule and am ready to step foot into the corporate world.  But until next week, when it all starts, I've been told to try and enjoy this mini summer break because I may not have another for awhile.  So there it is. ... It is a monday and I am heading to the pool after this.....{lucky girl?  I would say so.}

The night before we left town, Will and I went to eat at a little sushi restaurant with a friend.  I opted for jeans and this peplum top by Sugar Lips.  I got it from Maude a couple months ago and have to say, it is the perfect top for a friday night.  Throw it on with jeans and your good to go.
{TOP} Sugarlips, Maude Boutique//{SKINNIES+CLUTCH} Maude Boutique//{CHAIN BRACELET} Vintage//{SHOES} Seychelles Saffron Heel

{PHOTO CRED} William Wilson:)

Have a happy Monday!

{P.S}  A little outtake of me trying to keep my peplum from blowing up in the wind.  Will and I were cracking up.:)



{SHORTS+TOP} Grey Dog//{SHOES} Matiko Elena Wedge, Maude Boutique//{SUNNIES+NECKLACE+BAG} Maude Boutique

There is something extra special about finding a vintage piece that seems to be made for you.  As if it were just sitting there, on a rack, waiting for YOU to give it life again--add to its history in your own unique way.
That is exactly how I felt when I found this top and pair of shorts at Grey Dog, a vintage boutique in Fayetteville, AR.  Molly, the owner of Grey Dog, is one of the sweetest {and best dressed} gals I've ever met. We worked together a few years ago at Maude, and it has been wonderful to see her grow her own unique and successful lil' shop:).
  When it comes to picking out vintage treasures, Molly is an absolute expert.  You don't have to "dig" in her store.  Everything is fabulous. 

If you love vintage finds as much as I do, you can follow Grey Dog on Instagram and like them on Facebook.  They put together awesome styled looks daily and ship just about anywhere!:).

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