Hello dolls!! 
Sorry for my absence the past few days! I have been trying to get settled in my new place in Little Rock!  

Moving is quite a stressful process, as I'm sure many of y'all know.  Packing, unpacking, changing of addresses, finding your way around, etc.  No matter how many times you move, it never really seems to get easier.  Thank goodness for GPS on the iphone, or I would be in real trouble. 
 I'm also thankful I got cable and internet installed yesterday...YAY! Connected to the world once again! 
I threw this lovely sundress on to take a break from unpacking and go eat an early dinner with the BF.  We were starving but didn't know where to go, so I searched for a place on the Urban Spoon App and we got ready in a hurry, deciding to be super casual.  
The best thing about moving to a new city is discovering the favorite local restaurants.  We went to a really great place up the street from my apartment called Buffalo Grill, with a perfect outdoor seating area.
I have worn this dress with wedges, white sneakers, and now, with sandals.  THAT is how you know it is a great sundress;).  
{DRESS} Lucca Couture, Maude//{PURSE} Rebecca Minkoff//{SHOES} BC Footwear, Maude

Well, its back to arranging/organizing for me!

 Be well.


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