Hey ladies! Did everyone have a great weekend?  I hope so!  I spent the weekend in El Dorado, visiting with my BF's family.  It was such a nice getaway.  It's been great having a little break between leaving Fayetteville and starting my new job, but I have to admit, I am so ready for my first day at Dillard's.  
I am anxious to begin this start to my career, and honestly, I am not good with this whole not working thing.  I need to get back in a schedule and am ready to step foot into the corporate world.  But until next week, when it all starts, I've been told to try and enjoy this mini summer break because I may not have another for awhile.  So there it is. ... It is a monday and I am heading to the pool after this.....{lucky girl?  I would say so.}

The night before we left town, Will and I went to eat at a little sushi restaurant with a friend.  I opted for jeans and this peplum top by Sugar Lips.  I got it from Maude a couple months ago and have to say, it is the perfect top for a friday night.  Throw it on with jeans and your good to go.
{TOP} Sugarlips, Maude Boutique//{SKINNIES+CLUTCH} Maude Boutique//{CHAIN BRACELET} Vintage//{SHOES} Seychelles Saffron Heel

{PHOTO CRED} William Wilson:)

Have a happy Monday!

{P.S}  A little outtake of me trying to keep my peplum from blowing up in the wind.  Will and I were cracking up.:)

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