Lady, Be Green.

{Dress} TJ Maxx (Similar from ASOS Here and Michael Kors Here) |{Cardi} Old Navy | {Necklace} Vintage | {Purse} Vintage | {Shoes} Giani Bini (Similar "Fall" version from Maude Here)| {Sunnies + Belt} Maude Boutique

Work Wear: Pale Edge

Adjusting to an office setting has been a fun challenge for my wardrobe.  There are certain "office" basics that I defiantly lacked--like a black blazer!  I mean, really?  I don't know how or why i did not have a simple black blazer...but I did not.  Colored, sequined, name it, I have all of the above...but no simple black!  Sometimes its hard for me to bring myself to buy the "basics" because they seem boring, but it reality, they will really allow me to maximize my wardrobe.   

I finally caved and bought this one from H&M's NEW online store {Woohoo! Finally that happened.}  It fits perfect, the shoulder pad's are subtle, and the material is actually really nice.  Just with this not-so-exciting, $30 blazer, I now have several more outfit options for work.  Yay for that.:)
{BLAZER} H&M //{TOP} F21//{SKIRT} Target//{SHOES} Calvin Klien//{WATCH} Micheal Kors//{BAG} F21//{JEWELRY} F21

Midi Bring it Back

{Top} Maude (old)//{Skirt} Greydog Vintage//{Shoes} Seychelles-Saffron Heel//{Hat} Maude//{CUFF} F21

Even though I'm only 5'3, I LOVE midi length skirts.  They are flirty, ladylike, and give a vintage feel to any look.  I hear a lot of people say they are hard to pull off...especially for petite girls, but I think it's really all about how you wear them.

  To keep from feeling over taken by a midi skirt, I usually try to wear a nude shoe or at least a pump that will lengthen my leg. {Petite girls: This isn't just a trick I use for midi skirts, I use it for almost everything:)}. 
 If it's a midi with a little volume, like this one, I always try to wear a more fitted top to keep things proportioned.  

Remember, just because you hear you can't pull something off because of your body type, or for whatever reason doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try.  Fashion is about having fun, and it never hurts to just try something out for a day!  Be adventurous. It's all about balance, proportion, and rockin' it with confidence!. 

So, go try that thing you've been thinking about..;)


Crazy Navy

Oh man, what a weekend it was.  I was so happy to go home to NWA to visit with friends and family, however my weekend ended with a horrible stomach virus that made Sunday night and yesterday pretty miserable.
  Getting sick when your momma isn't close by anymore is a bit tougher, I must say.   Luckily, it only really lasted about 24 hours though, and today I feel like I have my appetite back.  No idea how I caught the bug, but just a little reminder to keep your hand sanitizer handy! Stomach viruses are NO FUN.

Anyway, I hope y'alls weekend went a little bit smoother..:) 
How fun is this dress I wore Saturday?  I'm a sucker for a great print and I have to say, I kinda love this one.  The symmetrical floral print and stripes thrown together is an unexpected combo but works out great, I would say.  Also,  the style and length are great for work.  I would love to have this same cut in a solid color to layer for fall.
Since the dress is quite busy, I left the accessories to a minimum.  I stumbled upon this hanger necklace at F21 last week...and how could I say no?  For someone working in the retail industry, one has to appreciate this.  I would love to find a nicer one that won't tarnish after a few months, though. {We all know that's to be expected with F21 jewelry:/}
{DRESS} Chelsea and Violet //{SHOES} Seychelles (old)//{BAG} Maude//{Necklace} F21

Happy Tuesday!

Stripes + Pastels

What a dream these pants are.  I absolutely love the watercolor print!  I also love the fact I feel like I'm  in pajamas and can still get away with wearing them to work.
  I've had my eye on these beauts and when then went on sale a week ago, I snagged one of the last pairs for only $29! 
{pat on the back for that.}

{TOP} Gianni Bini // {PANTS} Sugarlips Apparel// {SHOES} Matiko via Maude Boutique// {BAG} Rebecca Minkoff// 

Wishing you a lovely weekend,


Sunday is my favorite day of the week, especially when there is nothing on the agenda.  The Sundays when I can take my sweet time getting up and around are rare, but the best.  Will and I made it to brunch {our fav} before he left town this past Sunday, and then I had time to lay by the pool before the storm clouds rolled in.  It was simply perfect.
You've seen this romper before, its one of my favorite items I purchased this season.  It's SO easy to throw on when you're in a hurry, or planning on eating a lot that day because it's so roomy. {which was my exact plan this past Sunday.}
Yes, it is in the nineties in Arkansas but I always get so cold when I eat in restaurants.  This is why I always try to bring a sweater or something I can layer over me when I go out to eat.    
{SWEATER} Forever 21// {ROMPER + SUNNIES} Maude Boutique// {SHOES} Vince Camuto// {BAG} Rebecca Minkoff


It was beyond a pleasure to team up with the beautiful and stylish Tara, from Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes to put together looks with the Pantone color for fall...Emerald!  Tara's blog is so fab, I was beyond excited to do a collab post with her.  Oh, and she is an Arkansas gal too, so it was a perfect fit:)   If you haven't checked out her blog yet, be sure to do so here!  You will love her style inspiration and amaaazing wardrobe.
Green has always been my favorite color, so it won't be a problem for me to follow this color trend.  There is something about jewel tones, like Emerald, that just make me happy. They are rich, radiant, and flattering to all skin tones. Tara and I both added edge to our feminine emerald get-ups with a little leather, which I love.:)

{TOP} Lulu's//{SKIRT} Maude Boutique similar here// {SHOES} Shoedazzle // {BAG} Rebecca Minkoff

How will you be wearing Emerald this fall?

Oscar de la Renta: An American Icon

Fellow fashion lovers--
If you are in the Little Rock area, I highly recommend going to see the Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the Clinton Presidential library.  The exhibit started May 18th and goes through December 1st.  It is a $7 entry fee which gives you access to the entire museum.
  It has been on my to-do list since I moved here and I finally made time to go this past weekend.  The exhibit houses about 30 of Oscar's iconic gowns and ensembles not just for the first lady, but gowns that storied his career.  It was so special to be able to see and read about the work of a true American icon in person.  It's not everyday that this kind of exhibit comes to Arkansas, you know..;) 

For those who may not be able to make a trip to see the exhibit, here are some pics I snapped of my favorites...

{truly gasp worthy.}


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