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Oh man, what a weekend it was.  I was so happy to go home to NWA to visit with friends and family, however my weekend ended with a horrible stomach virus that made Sunday night and yesterday pretty miserable.
  Getting sick when your momma isn't close by anymore is a bit tougher, I must say.   Luckily, it only really lasted about 24 hours though, and today I feel like I have my appetite back.  No idea how I caught the bug, but just a little reminder to keep your hand sanitizer handy! Stomach viruses are NO FUN.

Anyway, I hope y'alls weekend went a little bit smoother..:) 
How fun is this dress I wore Saturday?  I'm a sucker for a great print and I have to say, I kinda love this one.  The symmetrical floral print and stripes thrown together is an unexpected combo but works out great, I would say.  Also,  the style and length are great for work.  I would love to have this same cut in a solid color to layer for fall.
Since the dress is quite busy, I left the accessories to a minimum.  I stumbled upon this hanger necklace at F21 last week...and how could I say no?  For someone working in the retail industry, one has to appreciate this.  I would love to find a nicer one that won't tarnish after a few months, though. {We all know that's to be expected with F21 jewelry:/}
{DRESS} Chelsea and Violet //{SHOES} Seychelles (old)//{BAG} Maude//{Necklace} F21

Happy Tuesday!

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Madeline Veloria said...

Loving the combo of stripe and floral in the dress :) Fits you perfectly!!

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