Midi Bring it Back

{Top} Maude (old)//{Skirt} Greydog Vintage//{Shoes} Seychelles-Saffron Heel//{Hat} Maude//{CUFF} F21

Even though I'm only 5'3, I LOVE midi length skirts.  They are flirty, ladylike, and give a vintage feel to any look.  I hear a lot of people say they are hard to pull off...especially for petite girls, but I think it's really all about how you wear them.

  To keep from feeling over taken by a midi skirt, I usually try to wear a nude shoe or at least a pump that will lengthen my leg. {Petite girls: This isn't just a trick I use for midi skirts, I use it for almost everything:)}. 
 If it's a midi with a little volume, like this one, I always try to wear a more fitted top to keep things proportioned.  

Remember, just because you hear you can't pull something off because of your body type, or for whatever reason doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try.  Fashion is about having fun, and it never hurts to just try something out for a day!  Be adventurous. It's all about balance, proportion, and rockin' it with confidence!. 

So, go try that thing you've been thinking about..;)


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Lindsey Loo said...

I just LOVE this look. You really hit the nail on the head with this skirt! Great job!!

- Lindsey

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