Sunday is my favorite day of the week, especially when there is nothing on the agenda.  The Sundays when I can take my sweet time getting up and around are rare, but the best.  Will and I made it to brunch {our fav} before he left town this past Sunday, and then I had time to lay by the pool before the storm clouds rolled in.  It was simply perfect.
You've seen this romper before, its one of my favorite items I purchased this season.  It's SO easy to throw on when you're in a hurry, or planning on eating a lot that day because it's so roomy. {which was my exact plan this past Sunday.}
Yes, it is in the nineties in Arkansas but I always get so cold when I eat in restaurants.  This is why I always try to bring a sweater or something I can layer over me when I go out to eat.    
{SWEATER} Forever 21// {ROMPER + SUNNIES} Maude Boutique// {SHOES} Vince Camuto// {BAG} Rebecca Minkoff

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Madeline Veloria said...

I always love a great chunky sweater! And those heels are so cute:)

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