Work Wear: Pale Edge

Adjusting to an office setting has been a fun challenge for my wardrobe.  There are certain "office" basics that I defiantly lacked--like a black blazer!  I mean, really?  I don't know how or why i did not have a simple black blazer...but I did not.  Colored, sequined, name it, I have all of the above...but no simple black!  Sometimes its hard for me to bring myself to buy the "basics" because they seem boring, but it reality, they will really allow me to maximize my wardrobe.   

I finally caved and bought this one from H&M's NEW online store {Woohoo! Finally that happened.}  It fits perfect, the shoulder pad's are subtle, and the material is actually really nice.  Just with this not-so-exciting, $30 blazer, I now have several more outfit options for work.  Yay for that.:)
{BLAZER} H&M //{TOP} F21//{SKIRT} Target//{SHOES} Calvin Klien//{WATCH} Micheal Kors//{BAG} F21//{JEWELRY} F21

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Christina, Esq. said...

Love this dress! I too have a challenge always putting together works form the traditional office world :)


Christina, Esq.

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