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Hey there!
 Did everyone have a great weekend? 

Mine was just what the doctor ordered.  A lot of relaxing and regrouping after a more than stressful week.

Did I mention to y'all that I'm being relocated at work?  Yep.  After three months as assistant buyers, those in the program are sent out to work as an assistant store manager for about a year before being pulled back as a senior assistant buyer.

I find out where I will be sent sometime this week, then I will have about a week after that to pack up, move, and start the new position.  

Yes, I move in about a week and I have no idea where I'm going....
{feelings about this: nervous, excited, anxious, and stressed}

ANNND that's probably why Will was sweet enough to surprise me with a massage appointment this weekend.
He's seriously the best.

It was only my second professional massage I've ever gotten, and I don't know why I don't get them more often.  They are the best stress reliever!  I felt like a new woman afterwards.

I'm doing my best to go into this week with positive attitude and trusting God that everything will workout just the way He intended.

I will keep you posted on the relocation, but in the mean time...here is Saturday's ensemble, high pony and all.
{sweater} Langford Market | {jeans} Twig Mid Rise via Urban Outfitters | {clutch} Vintage Dior via Vintage Violet | {shoes} Python T-Strap Flat via Maude Boutique


sandy sandhu said...

I love the top, the jeans and the shoes are so cute


Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

you look absolutley gorgeous hun! i just love that top and ur hair like this!

XO Meghan
citrus fashion

Shannon said...

Adorable! Love!

kayla mills said...

Those shoes are just about the most wonderful things I have seen. You simply look beautiful.

xo, Kay


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