Feelin' Twenty Four.

Jacket: Langford Market {In Store} similar here
Top: Lulu's

This was the outfit I wore on Sunday, which was my 24th birthday!  The pretty statement necklace and the oxfords were actually gifted to me by my sweet parents who came down to Little Rock to visit.  I am absolutely in love with both. 
The necklace is so beautiful and the oxfords are my favorite brand, Seychelles. I'm sure I've told y'all before, but I LOVE Seychelles and Maude has so many cute styles for fall.

Will, my parents, and I had a low key day on Sunday.  We were out late the night before, so I was all about a lazy and comfortable Sunday. 
We ate brunch together and enjoyed the beautiful 75 degree patio weather. 

 Since I started my new position yesterday, I spent the evening preparing for the rest of the week.  Nothing exciting, but it was special to spend the weekend with Will and my parents, as I am about to work retail hours and the holidays are soon approaching.  {Bye, bye weekends....}

You know... in college, I used to rest up for the weekends.  Now, I use my weekends to rest up for the week.  What's that called?  Adulthood? ;)

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Madeline Veloria said...

Happy birthday!! Yea...growing up can...suck :P hahaha...just kidding :) Loving the metallic capped oxfords!!

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