{Btiques} A unique way to shop

It's hump day y'all!
And it's a good one.
Know why?
1. It's one week until Christmas.
{I am sooo ready to go home and see my family!}

2.  These lovely Seychelles boots from Maude Boutique are on their way to me as we speak.  All thanks to...

take a look at these beauts.
{Eeep.  I am in love with them!  If you are too, you can shop them here :)}

Now that I showed you my pretty lil' booties, let me tell you about the fabulous website/phone app I got them from.... Btiques {pronounced 'boutiques'}.

Btiques is a way to shop the best of local boutiques in one spot.  Purchases are shipped to you directly from local small businesses.
 How cool is that?
I am always amazed and inspired of all of the innovative ways small businesses are using to grow their businesses.
  With the internet, social media, and online shopping, a small business isn't what it used to be.
They are a force to be reckoned with in the retail world..offering unique products and exceptional service.

I had a chance to chat via email with the CEO/Co-Founders Sara and Will, who gave me the 4-1-1 on Btiques.
{Thanks again, Sara and Will!}

Here are some of the questions I asked...

How did the idea for boutiques get started? 

Sara + Will: 
     We entered a startup business competition called the ARK Challenge, having identified the opportunity to help small business boutiques reach a National audience beyond their current social followings.  By promoting shop local through web and mobile, we have built a way for boutiques to sell from their existing inventory.  And on the flipside, we provide the shoppers a way to find and shop unique boutique products in one spot.  We were pleased to win an investment to start our business as of the beginning of 2013.

Do the boutiques choose what goes on the site or is it a collaboration?

Sara + Will:
    It is a collaboration.  We have a close relationship with our first customers, and work together to identify what products to best feature for the web and mobile shoppers.  

Is it just Arkansas boutiques or are you looking to expand?

Sara + Will:
   We are pleased that there is such a thriving boutique community right in our home state, and it has been a pleasure to start our business out of Fayetteville, AR.  While we are currently still in our early launch phase, our vision is to expand and grow Nationally in to 2014.  We intend to offer consumers a way to find and shop the best boutiques across the map, driving shoppers online and in to the brick and mortar boutique stores.  

Pretty awesome concept, right?

I have to say, my shopping experience with Btiques was great and the site is super easy to navigate.
It had a great mixture of products from some favorite local Arkansas boutiques {including my favorite, Maude} for women, men, and even little ones!

I placed my order on Monday night and received a shipping confirmation the next morning!
What girl doesn't love that?

Here's some more good news...
It's not too late to shop Btiques for Christmas.
Place your order today through Thursday on btiques.com or download the free phone app and receive 25% off your order!
I'm sure you will love the site as much as I do.
So what are y'all waiting for?
 Get to it!;)

Happy Shopping!

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