April Wish List

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Like a lot of girls I know,
 my week nights consist of a lot of online browsing..
especially since I live by myself.
I have the TV on as background noise,
but before bed, you can most likely find my on my couch glued to my computer.  
(Not saying that's a good thing, but it relaxes me and puts my mind at ease after a crazy day running around at work.)
During this time, I browse online stores, Pinterest, etc.
I repin, or save things that inspire me or that I would potentially like to add to my closet.

 Here are some of my online picks for april that are jumping out saying "BUY ME CHLOE!";)
I have always been a sucker for a good print, and I have been seeing them everywhere lately!  Nothing says spring fashion to me like a bold, colorful print.
If only money grew on trees....
good thing I have a "virtual" wardrobe on Pinterest. Hah!

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mary-katherine said...

love all these picks, especially the pom pom shorts like i mentioned on instagram.

i have my eye on one of the playsuits for laying by the pool in vegas when i am there in a few weeks. how perfect would that be?!

xo mk

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