pineapple sights, summer nights.

There are few things I love more than summer.
I live for days spent by water, soaking up the sun.
And nights on a patio, where you could sit outside and stare at the sky forever.
{with a cold beer or margarita in hand, preferably.}

Last night consisted of a typical evening walk, and dinner with my love at one of our favorite spots, The Fold.
Simple? yes.  But in the summer time, simplicity is what it's all about.

Since Will and I are long distance while he is in dental school, I am so appreciative of his summers off where he is free to come back to Arkansas. We can just spend "normal" days together.
No ticking time clock, no worrying that we only have the weekend or a day or two here or there.
It is so nice, and makes summer that much sweeter.
For us, it's really just about being outside, 
even if it's in the nineties and a body of water near is a must.

Last night's look consisted of sun-kissed skin, sandals and shorts.
Not just any shorts...pineapple patterned shorts.
I mean, how stinkin' cute?
As you all know, I am such a sucker for a good print...
especially in the summer.
The brighter, the better in my opinion.

I got these shorts from Aerie this past week.  Love that they can easily be worn to the pool or for a night out for dinner. So glad I snatched them up while their summer semi-annual sale is going on.  The sale is still happening so be sure to check it out here!  They have SO many cute pieces that are perfect for lazy days by the pool {at price points your wallet will thank you for}.


Tank: Target
Shorts: Aerie
Sunglasses: Target
Necklace: Maude Boutique (old, here is a similar one from Sira Mara)

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