Dry and Dash Blowout Bar

Mimosa. Check.
Blowout. Check.
Make-up application. Check.

It's safe to say I was spoiled a bit this week, y'all.

On Tuesday, I made a visit to Dry and Dash, a blowout bar in the Hillcrest Area of Little Rock.  (Little Rock ladies, this post is really for you, but beauty enthusiasts...you will appreciate it as well.;))  

 Dry and Dash opened its doors about three months ago, in this gorgeous space on Kauvanaugh Boulevard.  This building may just be my favorite on this street.

Right when I walked in, I was completley relaxed by a warm welcome and calming atmosphere. 
I loved all the decor and natural light pouring in the windows of the space.  

First up, the blowout.  
Now some of you may be wondering, what the heck is a blowout?

A blowout is basically a salon service that is solely involves shampoo and style. 
No cut. No color.

Your next question would probably be...why get a blowout?

The real question is...WHY NOT?! 

No, but really.  Reason number one...
Don't you love the feel of your hair after a trip to the salon?
Even with my sister being a hairstylist and salon owner, I can never imitate her technique of washing and drying my hair.  That's what is so special about the salon experience.
Let the experts be the experts, right?
They can style your hair in ways that you can only dream about while pinning away Pinterest.

Another reason being that they usually last up to 3-4 days. 
I usually can only go one day...maybe..without shampooing my hair.  I am going on day three now!  Just a little dry shampoo on my crown and bangs and I'll be good to go!

Whether it's once a week thing or just for special occasions, it's certain you will see the benefits of a blowout.  If nothing else, it's a fab treat to yourself.     

With all that said, let's move on to what happened next during my appointment.  
Mauricio, the dapper dude seen below, dryed my hair with a round brush. 
 Oh, how I love that feeling.  
But, just like scratching your back or playing with your hair...
it's not the same when you do it yourself.  Right??

 Next, he gave me soft curls with a straighter.  Another thing I'm not great at. 
 I usually stick with nothin' fancy Con-air curling iron, and when I told Mauricio this, he gladly showed me some pointers. 
 It's always nice when a stylist lets you in on some of their secrets....

Mind you, while all of this was happening..I was sipping on a delicious mimosa, which made this girl very happy.  Major bonus.

And here is the end result of the blow out!  Love, love love beach inspired waves.  My hair smelt great and felt even better.

Next was the make-up application.  Mauricio did such an amazing job!  We went for a natural look, but also had some fun with contouring and lashes..two things that I don't do on an everyday basis.

And WAH-LAH!  The finished product....

This guy really knows his stuff!  He also kept me giggling the whole time.  

{Thanks Mauricio for answering my many beauty questions and even gifting me a make-up brush! I had a blast with you!}

 If you are interested in booking an appointment at Dry and Dash, here is some of their pricing informations and awesome specials they have available...



 Shampoo and Blowout - $35
Shampoo, Blowout with Curl/Flat Iron - $35

Shampoo, Deep Condition and Blowout - $40

Special Occasion/Up-do - $60


EYES - $20 


-$25 Blowouts every Tuesday

-Happy hour on Wednesday and Thursdays 
(Follow Dry and Dash's Instagram for random daily specials.)

-Receive a $65 blowout/make-up application on August 15th 

-30% off for Birthday girl!

-Keratin Treatments for $275

***Package specials are also available for those who would like to buy services in bulk!***

Okay, ready for some pampering Little Rock?  Contact Robin, the fab owner, below! 

Also, be sure to check Dry and Dash out on Facebook and Instagram for those daily deals!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  

Embellished Clutches (Under $100)

On my recent trip to Maude Boutique, I picked up a gorgeous embellished clutch made my Shiraleah.
With wedding season upon us, our totes and satchels get pushed aside for the ever-so-chic clutch.
I love the idea of pairing a simple solid dress in a fun color with a clutch that adds a bit of pattern and texture.
 It makes for the perfect outfit for any wedding guest.  So with that said, I have hunted down some amazing clutches that will be a conversation starter at any event you have this summer.

Oh, and guess what?  They are all under $100!

southern getaway.


Romper: Sugarlips via Dillard's
(Sold out online, but found the same one here and some similar ones below.)
Shoes: JustFab 
(some more similar styles below)
Bag: Tory Burch
Flash Tattoos: Maude Boutique

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday this past weekend!
Since I was on vacation all of last week,
 I got to spend a little extra time with friends, family, and Will.
To celebrate the Forth of July, Will and I spent a few days at Lake Hamilton with friends, which is about an hour away from Little Rock in Hot Springs...also known as "Spa City".

The lake truly is my happy place. I love being on a boat, in the water, soaking up the sun with friends and family.
Nothing beats it for me.

Something else that can't be beaten is a good romper.
I am in love with the white one from Sugarlips Apparel.
I don't know what it is about rompers and summer, but they go together like sugar and tea...wouldn't you say?

Give it away, now.

{All available at Maude Boutique..just click the link above!}

Is everyone as excited about the Forth of July weekend as I am?  So thankful that I was able to take a week vacation to celebrate a friends wedding, time with family, and one of my favorite holidays.  To celebrate my "life of leisure" for the week, I have teamed up with the one and only Maude Boutique to bring you a fun giveaway for the hot summer nights ahead!  

Head over to my instagram (@chloeelisec) to see how you can win this fun black and white number...

Wishing everyone a safe and wonderful Forth of July weekend!

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