Florals + Tassles

My vacation with Will this week has been so good for my soul.  The week prior, people were asking "what are your plans for your vacation?"  and I just responded by saying we hadn't made any set plans yet, and after being away from each other for a month, we were honestly just happy to get to spend a full week together.  

On Saturday morning, he surprised me with a trip to Eureka Springs.  Y'all, I had NO idea.  To say I was excited would be an understatement.  There is nothing better than a surprise adventure with your best friend.  I could brag about him forever, but I won't bother y'all too much with that. ;)

The trip was beyond perfect..the food, the weather, and our cozy treehouse we stayed in.  We both work so hard, and don't have much free time at all, so this getaway honestly felt like a slice of heaven.  

Eureka Springs is truly one of a kind. 
I will post some pictures of our trip soon, along with any recommendations we may have incase you plan on visiting soon! 

The weather has been so inconsistent here, but we lucked out on the trip.  It was in the 70's for all three days!  I finally got to wear this fun floral dress from Fevrie.  If you know me at all,  I have a major love for both tassels and floral prints.  So this was right up my ally.

Use the discount code: CHLOEELISEC for a 15% discount on Fevrie.  
They have lots of cute and unique finds for very reasonable prices!

Dress: Fevrie
Wedges: Seychelles via Maude (sold out)
Necklace: Rocksbox
Bracelet: Valere Rene

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