Romper Weather

Romper: Maude

Necklace: Maude

Sunglasses: Maude

Jacket: Langford Market (sold out, similar here)

Shoes: Maude (sold out, similar here)

First romper of the season, ladies and gentleman.  I LOVE rompers.  They really do make me happy....the only time the don't is when I have to use the restroom.  I know that you all agree on that.  They are so comfortable and easy...and because of my height, they are usually somewhat flattering I think.

I paired the fun blue one from Maude with a colorful tassel necklace and easy slip-on sandals.  
Will and I spent most of the day outside car shopping...yes, for muah.
I have driven the same car since I was 16 and am finally on the hunt, so if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear! 
I am looking for a small full-effcient SUV/Crossover. :)

Peace out

Shoes: Seychelles via Maude (sold out, similar here)

Jacket: Sold out, similar here

Bracelet: Valere Rene

Necklace: Forever21 

Someone please explain to me how April is already here?  This year is really flying by.  I'm alright with it as long as we can stretch the warmer months as far as possible.   The sunshine, greenery, and colorful blooms are good for my soul.  I am so happy this time of year has finally shown it's pretty face.

If you follow me on instagram, you've probably noticed my love of floral prints.  I don't know what the deal is, y'all.  Maybe it is because they cheer me up just as much as when I drive pass a field of wild flowers or fill a vase of them for my home.  I don't know.  But I love them.  Always have, always will.

These pants from Savoir Faire, are definitely feeding into my inner flower child.  I have been wanted to try a pair of bell bottoms for awhile now and had yet to find a pair that I loved...until these babies.  Pairing them with this "Peace Out" Chaser tee makes for one comfy, cool outfit.


This is me saying "Peace Out" to winter! Hah!

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