Hi all! My name is Chloe.  I am a twenty-something year old southern girl, who is transitioning from being a college student into starting my career in the world of fashion and retail.  I have moved 5 times in my life and can't call one place home.  I have an obsession with nude shoes, lip gloss, froyo and little black dresses.  I love making something old new again. I love "treasure hunting".  I am a major animal lover, a pretty bad singer, and I don't like going to the movie theater.  I'm a summer girl and my happy place is a lake on a hot summer day.
Fashion is a form of art.  It is ever-evolving, just as a girl in her twenties.  So I've been told, our twenties are a time for travel, a time for the uncertain, a time to figure things out.  The important thing is to stop and appreciate the beauty around you while it all goes down.  Nomad en Vogue is my way to connect and share my take on being in my twenties, but also on my love for fashion.  Because as we all know, fashion makes everything a little more fun...

 A person who continually moves from place to place; wanderer.
The prevailing fashion, practice, or style.

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